Work at home jobs as search engine evaluators.

evaluators Work at home jobs as search engine evaluators.Search engine judges are also known as search engine evaluators. Even though search engines run on highly sophisticated software, they still need human to occasionally check on certain areas.

The actual job of search engine evaluators

 The job of search evaluators involve mostly checking on the ads that appear on web pages. The job is a typical work at home job.

Even the mighty Google hires people as ‘ads quality rater’ their synonym for search engine judge. This position is only for U.S. residents. This is a high paying work at home job. In order to land on this job, you must keep searching the Google with the keywords, “ads quality rater”.

I have heard about a company called Leapforce that hires search engine evaluators to do map analysis. I am sorry I don’t have the exact details. I read somewhere that the company pays $14 per hour.

Some of the other duties for search engine judges who are known as Internet Assessors:

·         Read social media content and write an opinionated report

·         Evaluate the search engine results based on given parameters

·         Translation work

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Lion Bridge offers work at home jobs as search engine evaluators:

If you go to this link, you can apply for a position as an Internet Judge.

Alternatively, you can open this link also:


Appen Butler Hill.

This is a highly respected company that offer work from jobs as search engine evaluators.

Go to

Search engine evaluation jobs in India.

As I am writing this article, there are 169 openings in search engine evaluation jobs.

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Ps: I just received information about an opening in the search engine evaluation field. It is posted by iSoftstone based in Australia and posted it GumTree.


pixel Work at home jobs as search engine evaluators.
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