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----------------October 28, 2021----------------

In this era of a growing global economy, job vacancies in one country can now be filled by candidates working remotely from another country. Various freelance sites have launched job boards where companies post their openings for those seeking employment opportunities.

Regardless of the type of employment, small businesses and big corporations leverage freelance marketplaces to find the best candidates for the job.

Beginner freelancers with a distinct skillset can offer their services to marketplaces providing a wide range of opportunities. They can showcase their skills and connect with reliable employers through user-friendly processes offered by a variety of freelance platforms. For those with highly technical skills, specialized platforms can yield better matches in less time.

When taking a crack at the gig economy, newbie freelancers can choose from a broad array of options that include the following platforms.


toptal - best freelance websites

Toptal is a great freelance site for experts and professionals with extensive skills and experience.

As the name indicates, only top applicants, around 3% of freelance talent worldwide, are accepted. A resource to top companies across the globe, Toptal is not exactly a beginner-friendly option but offers high-quality opportunities.

The industries covered include health and life sciences, consumer products and services, and financial services. Brands such as Airbnb and Shopify are paying clients. High-paying opportunities with no fees await interested freelancers.


freelancer - the best freelance websites

Freelancer.com has the largest pool of freelancers and employers. Professionals from more than 247 countries vie for projects posted on this freelance platform.

Professional areas include design, data entry, invoicing, sales and marketing, engineering and science, copywriting, translation and language, and so on.

A unique feature is their contest format, where only winning freelancers who submit their piece will be paid by the business that posted the work.


upwork - the best freelance websites

A platform with plentiful opportunities is Upwork, one of the best freelancing websites. Formerly named Elance-ODesk, the company relaunched as Upwork in 2015.

With postings of over 3 million jobs annually, Upwork freelancers can find various types of work, from short- to long-term contracts paid with fixed price or hourly rates.

New users are given 80 free Connects, which freelancers can use to submit proposals to potential employers. Outside of that, Connects cost $0.15 each.

One downside, however, is the 20% payout fee for profits of $500 or less. Although it takes time to become reputable on this platform, Upwork’s protection of their freelancers’ work and payment make it worthwhile.