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_______________________________________February 24, 2021_______________________________________

College, for many, is a time of self discovery and memorable moments. New knowledge, opportunities, and experiences translate to new beginnings. Most people even say college was the best years of their lives!

While being a college student can be full of excitement, it’s also usually associated with debt. High costs for tuition, books, and housing make it difficult to cover everything out of pocket. Even as classes shift online, expenses remain relatively unchanged.

With loans piling up year after year, it can become quite stressful for students to focus in class and find a part-time gig. Plus, a search for online job opportunities for college students typically yields results for baristas or other in-person roles.

If you’re a student in the current economy, then you’re in luck! Because you don’t need to turn to traditional, full-time jobs to make money anymore. In fact, you can earn extra money freelancing on your own schedule from the comfort of your dorm! All you’ll need is a laptop and an internet connection, and you’d be surprised just how much you can actually make.

This article covers 15 of the best online jobs for college students, to help you make money remotely while in school. Let’s cover some of the basics before diving in.

Can You Actually Work From Your Dorm?

Working from your dorm or apartment is completely possible, but it’s up to you to make it happen. Try designating an area for your desk to focus and be productive.

Remember, your work will happen on your schedule, so it’s important to find time for it. You’ll probably make the most progress with fewer distractions, so try working when your roommates aren’t making noise or at home. If they’re a constant distraction, consider working from the library or a coffee shop on campus.

As an entrepreneur, you’ll still be putting in a lot of hours and effort to build a business of your own. Consistency, self-motivation, and persistence are key, especially when you’re feeling stuck.

How Much Money Do You Need?

Motivations for starting a business or a part-time gig can vary. While some students are looking for extra cash for weekend parties, others might be seeking larger amounts to pay off loans. Start by determining your purpose and setting goals for weekly earnings. This way, you can hold yourself more accountable for meeting a certain net income with your online business.

How Much Does it Cost to Start an Online Business?

Online jobs and online businesses are two options for you to start making money, all from your own dorm. We’re outlining both in this article, but let’s clarify how much it’ll cost to start each.

Getting Started

Before starting an online job or business, there’s a couple things you need to consider. This includes your school schedule and natural talents. We’ve answered some of the common questions related to them below.

What’s Your School Schedule Like?

When you’re in college, you typically don’t have classes all day, which leaves lots of gaps in your schedule. You might spend some of this free time with friends, going out to eat, or throwing parties with your classmates. The amount of time you designate to your business, however, will dictate how quickly you can grow — and potentially earn.

As soon as you have your school schedule in place, set a goal for weekly hours that you’ll designate solely towards your online job or business. If you can, plan your schedules in advance so you can keep your work hours more consistent as your semesters go by. Once you’ve determined the hours you’ll work, you can start calculating how much you’re earning by the hour.

Where Do Your Skills Lie?

Do you have any specific talents? Are you skilled in a certain line of work or activity? These skills are what you should invest in to grow your company. Whether you’re tech savvy or creative, identify what comes naturally to you. Consider your passions and long-term career goals.